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Immortal Files — The unique Mac OS X cloud, ftp, sfp, openstack, webdav, and external drive backup app

Immortal Files — The unique Mac OS X cloud, ftp, sfp, openstack, webdav, and external drive backup app

Back up to the cloud or a remote server,

Back up to an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or OpenStack Swift remote server. Store your files in different locations to reduce the risks of fire, flood, and power outages.

Back up to an external disk,

Clone all your files to a USB, eSata, or FireWire external drive to reduce risks of media damage. Create a bootable copy of your computer’s operating system and applications to protect your data if your computer is stolen or damaged.

Back up to another Macintosh computer or other personal computer.

Use a networked disk (NAS) or another Mac OS X or Windows computer as backup storage. Copy your files by SMB or AFP protocol for maximum simplicity.

basic features:

File-by-File Backup: Immortal Files tracks your changes in files and copies only those files

that were changed.

Bootable Backup: Create a bootable, full clone of your Mac OS X disk.

Encryption: Your data is securely protected by an AES265 algorithm.

Schedule: Backups are automatically made as you edit files. You do not need to do anything.

Include/Exclude List: Flexible settings exist to create rules for which files and folders to back up.

Bit-to-Bit Transfer: Files are backed up in full with all attributes, settings, permissions, and ACL.

Revert to any past version of a file:

- View your Mac OS X file system on any previous date and time.

- Access any previous version of a file at any time.

- Restore any file or folder from past backups.

- Retrieve any data that was deleted locally.

- Set up a flexible schedule to delete old versions of files.

Transactional Backup: In the event of a lost connection or power outage, your backup will

always remain entirely intact and undamaged.

Redundancy: You can create backup rules for data on several external devices for greater security.

Incremental Scan: Immortal Files scans only changed folders for performance improvement.

Continue After Error: In case of any error or a lost Internet connection, Immortal Files will continue the backup or restore from the point of error.

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Immortal Files


Immortal Files 1.0.94281

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